Family Platters

Chickentarian Combo

  • 2 Reshmi Kabab
  • 1 Tandoori Boti
  • 2 Chicken Tikka (Leg)
  • 4 Paratha

Gosht Khor Combo

  • 2 Seekh Kabab
  • 1 Gola Kabab
  • 1 Bihari Kabab
  • 4 Paratha

Family Platters in Mississauga at Karachi Kababwala

Discover the joy of sharing a delicious meal with your loved ones with our Family Platters at Karachi Kababwala. Our carefully curated platters offer a delectable combination of flavours and are perfect for gatherings or when you simply want to enjoy a hearty meal together. Explore our Family Platters menu below and elevate your dining experience.

Choose from a Variety of Family Platters

Chicken Feast Platter

Our Chicken Feast Platter is a true delight for poultry lovers. Savour succulent pieces of marinated chicken, cooked to perfection and served with aromatic rice and fresh naan. This platter is designed to satisfy your cravings and bring a smile to your face.

Beef Bonanza Platter

If you’re a fan of beef, our Beef Bonanza Platter is a must-try. Enjoy tender beef kababs seasoned with our special blend of spices and served with fragrant rice and fresh naan. It’s a hearty meal that will leave you wanting more.

Vegetarian Delight Platter

For our vegetarian guests, we offer the Vegetarian Delight Platter. This platter is a medley of flavorful vegetarian dishes, including fresh vegetables, lentils, and naan. It’s a wholesome and satisfying choice that everyone can enjoy.

The Perfect Dining Experience for Your Family

At Karachi Kabab Wala, food brings people together. Our Family Platters are designed to create memorable dining experiences for you and your loved ones. Whether celebrating a special occasion or enjoying a family dinner, our platters are the perfect choice.

Made with Love and Tradition

Our Family Platters are crafted with love and prepared using traditional recipes and the finest ingredients. We take pride in delivering an authentic taste that reflects the rich culinary heritage of Karachi.

Customize Your Family Platter

At Karachi Kababwala, we understand that every family is unique. That’s why we offer the flexibility to customize your Family Platter according to your preferences. Whether you want to add extra kababs or adjust the spice level, we’re here to make your meal perfect.

Order Your Family Platter Today

Elevate your family gatherings with our Family Platters at Karachi Kabab Wala. Place your order today and treat your loved ones to a memorable dining experience. We look forward to serving you and making your family moments even more special.